Dr. Thomas Immobilien GmbH

Property management

We manage: appartement buildings residential- and commercial buildings purely commercial properties objects for sale community ownership by WEG rented condominiums settlement houses We have: qualified employees modern office equipment powerful hard- and software our own janitor service, which is responsible for property maintenance, winter maintenance, small maintenance and repair work good contacts to local specialist companies to be rectified as soon as possible breakdowns occurring competent internal representations in cases of holiday or sickness Possibilities of all-round support by experienced staff in the fields of o financial advise o insurance o building care o valuation customer-friendly opening times We create offers for managing your properties individually according to the properties of the objects. Upon request, we also take over only parts of the administration, e.g. technical management commercial administration creating year-end or operating expense reports
Mr. John Arlt Geprüfter Miet- und WEG-Verwalter (EIA)
Mrs. Sylvia Przybyl Geprüfte Fachkraft für Finanzbuchhaltung
Mrs. Ines Neumann Geprüfte Fachkraft für Finanzbuchhaltung
Mr. Christian Seth Geprüfter Miet- und WEG-Verwalter (EIA)
Mr. Torsten Scholze Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. (FH) Wohnungs- & Immobilienwirtschaft
Property management Neustadt 10 02763 Zittau Phone +49 3583 / 5714-0 Fax +49 3583 / 5714-21 E-Mail info@drti.de