Dr. Thomas Immobilien GmbH


The managing director, Ms Christine Runge, is a certified real estate appraiser (EIA) aswell as a member at the Bundesverband Freier Sachverständiger (BVFS) e.V. After § 194 BauGB the value of a property is determined by the price that could be obtained at the time of the review in the property market in the normal business dealings. Their experience as real estate agents advocates them, when it comes to assessing the value factors, which have a special influence on the value because of the situation on the domestic real estate market. Whether you need a valuation or not, should be clarified in a personal conversation. It is useful especially if owners' associations want to sell real estate. In this way, all owners are informed in advance about the expected proceeds from the sale. This can serve as the basis for the appointment of a broker for the sale. Membershipnumber at the BVFS: 1490/6915